Energy drinks are bevrages intended to give an instant boost to your performance. They stimulates the central nervous system, increases your alertness, elevates your mood and gives you a temporary boost in energy. If you feel washed out during workouts or throughout the day, one of the fastest way to boost your energy level and instantly improve performance is by having an energy drink. Energy drinks may

  • Boost energy level
  • Encourage strength and endurance
  • Speed up metabolism and fat-loss
  • Support alertness and brain function


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Energy drinks are bevrages intended to give a boost in the gym or anywhere else you may find yourself needing one. They increase energy levels, improve sense of well being, and intensify mental alertness, wakefulness and focus. They stimulate and enhance your body and mind during everyday activities, when you need that little „pick-me-up”. This combination results in enhanced performance in workouts, school, or work. The first drink marketed as being designed to improve the performance of athletes and sports stars arrived in the sixties. The central ingredient in most energy drinks is caffeine, the same stimulant found in coffee or tea, often in the form of guarana, kola nut or year mate. In addition these products usually contain l-carnitine, taurine, ginseng, green-tea extract and other herbs. Some contain high levels of carbohydrates, mainly sugars (dextrose, fructose or maltodextrin) that can serve as fuel for physical work, but many brands offer sugar free, artificially-sweetened "diet" versions.

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