When Lee Labrada stepped offstage for the last time of his legendary bodybuilding career, he could have done anything he wanted within the fitness industry. But to Lee, his next move was a no-brainer. Lee desired to give back to his beloved sport by providing people with high-quality supplementation that would help them excel in bodybuilding, as well as live a healthier life in general - something that wasn't as easily accessible during his career. In 1995 Lee realized his calling, and Labrada Nutrition was born. Although his bodybuilding career came to an end, his legacy was just beginning. Lee vowed to make Labrada the top supplement company in the business and to provide nothing less than the best to his customers. With top products like Lean Body and Super Charge, it shouldn't be a surprise that the Labrada brand rose quickly to stand among the best and most popular supplement companies in the world. New products like HICA-Max and Stim-Force are making a huge impact today.

  • store_elastijoint-grape_2_706x800
    350 grams
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    28,93 €
    LABRADA ELASTIJOINT provides natural nutritional support for joints, which many users have found to be helpful...
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  • LABRADA_HICA_MAX_59915f9d9c673
    90 chewable
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    26,66 €
  • supercharge-preworkout_grape
    625 grams
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    38,09 €
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  • LABRADA_HUMANOGR_599160dc27a1f
    120 capsules
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    40,71 €
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